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New for the 2019/2020 winter show season, I am looking for equine product, service, and care related sponsorships. My vision to be able to provide the best service for my clients can only reach so far by myself. By being a sponsor of Tim the Clipper Guy, you are able to help me provide a better level of service and afford higher quality equipment for the absolute best experience for the Equine athlete. 

As a sponsor, you will be able to have confidence that your vision and brand aligns with the vision of myself. With that in mind, your brand will be able to be seen across all of my Social Media accounts weekly which are engaged a total of 10,000+ times per week. I will be personally wearing, using, and showing off your brand at some of the top show facilities and stables across the United States and hopefully soon, the World. Your name and products will be featured in all of my grooming seminars and videos as well. I have an extremely loyal client base that loves to engage with, interact with, and share my posts, and the products that I recommend. 

With a sponsorship, you will receive my loyalty, hard work, and dedication that I show to my clients, their horses, and this industry every day. My vision is for the horses and their absolute well-being to continue to be improved on and maximized with the services and products that I offer. I hope that we can share this opportunity together and further raise the bar for horscare in the equine Industry. I look forward to working with you.

Timothy Gaskell

Tim the Clipper Guy

Owner/Operator of TAG Equine Services LLC

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Be a part of a vision that is raising the bar for care for the equine athlete across all disciplines. Expose your product, service, or training to thousands of other Equestrians across the United States and the World. Everything I do, I do for the Horse, and you should too.

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