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Grooming Products

Shapley's Superior Equine Grooming Products


These are my go to products for grooming and bathing. These products do not use alcohol as a filler, and you can use these products daily without compromising the quality of your horse's skin or coat. 

Enviro Equine and Pet


Enviro Equine and Pet, in my opinion, has some of the best, most effective products on the market! My go-to products are Fly Spray Plus, and the Cocotea Hoof Therapy. They also have an all natural line of supplements that are effective and are not filled with garbage inactive ingredients, and affordable Hemp Bedding.

Coat Defense


An all natural product originally formulated for humans, has taken the animal industry by storm. Great to use on all types of skin irritations. Use to heal or prevent. Acts as a great deodorizer as well. Comes as a powder or a drawing clay.


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This is a great hoop packing product that is great to help kill and prevent thrush and white line disease, and to keep your horse's feet healthy. It's an all natural copper based product developed by Farrier Jack Montgomery. also available in a spreadable